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Savannah Rose

 Our Gorgeous Apricot Dam

Savannah is the foundation poodle of our program. She is everything you would expect in a poodle. Sassy, dominant, and prances as she walks. She loves everyone she comes in contact with and travels with us everywhere we go.  She has an amazing personality and is smart as a whip, she picks up on any command given only once or twice. She loves to play with any and every toy she can find. She can run all day long but also can come inside and cuddle on the couch for most of the day. She is VERY prey/toy-driven but also can turn it off and settle down on command. She matches our energy every day. If we are on the go, she is happy to tag along, if it's a lazy day and were are lounging around, she is right next to us on the couch. 

Savannah's sire is a Polish import with several international titles on the Polish side. We are excited to try Savannah in an AKC  FastCAT & Fetch event. Stay tuned for updates later this summer.


Savannah stands 24 inches at the withers and weighs 40lbs. 

Texas Red Ranger

 Our Stunning Red "Future" Sire

Ranger is an absolute sweetheart. He is our future stud in our program. We have completed his OFA's and genetic testing.  He has a more laid-back personality compared to Savannah and I think they complement each other very well. He is always by my side and has to follow me into every room. He loves to roam and run on our land. He is not very prey-driven. He gets the zoomies but could not care much about playing fetch.

Ranger is 28.5 inches at the wethers and 68lbs.


Cooper Red Casanova

Cooper is our Red AKC stud we were able to find right here in Houston. He is owned by Amy F. 

He has the most laid-back personality and is so well-mannered. He is very calm and gentle and loves everyone he meets. 

He is the biggest sweetheart and wanted lots of hugs the entire time we were there. 

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