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Available Poodle Puppies

No available puppies at this time. 

Glenn-Evers Savannah Rose X Cooper Red Casanova Winter litter


(Red Collar)

Born 11/26/2023 @ 6:35pm
Birth Weight: 282g
Current Weight: 13.5 lbs (10 weeks old)
This girl has a great personality. She is confident, she approached the tester without fear. She never had any struggle when restrained, she follows well and loves to pounce and play with her littermates. She has a LOW sound and sight sensitivity. She doesn't startle at loud sounds. She loves attention.

Jack Frost


(Black Collar)
Born 11/26/2023 @ 7:10pm
Birth Weight: 287g

Current Weight: 8lbs


(Green Collar)
Born 11/2
6/2023 @7:35pm
Birth Weight: 329g

Current Weight: 13.8 lbs (10 weeks old)

This boy is such a sweetheart. He loves attention and will MELT the moment you pick him up. He is confident. He will hear other dogs bark and will bark back. He has a wonderful sweet personality. His favorite thing to do is go outside to find a leaf and carry it around. He has a lower prey drive and, a more relaxed laid-back energy level. He is very polite and was compliant with any touch sensitivity exercises. 


(Purple Col
Born 11/26/2023 @ 8:30pm
Birth Weight: 377g

Current Weight: 8.4lbs

This girl is a favorite of my daughter. She loves to be handled and cuddled.. She loves to "talk". You can be talking to her and she will bark back as if she was having a conversation with you. She is a chunky girl. When testing, she wanted to be near the tester at all times. When we banged on pots and pans, she enjoyed barking at them but wasn't startled. She does loves to venture off and explore on her own.


(Orange Collar)
Born 11/26/2023 @ 9:50pm
Birth Weight: 352g

Current Weight: 8.3lbs

This girl is a firecracker with a personality to match. She loves to play, find sticks, and play keep away from everyone else. She has a higher prey drive but can get distracted easily. She has low sound and sight sensitivity. She has the highest energy level of all the pups. She is a total sweetheart and one of my favorites and at the top of the list to possibly keep. I think she would do fantastic in AKC events or tracking/hunting. She is very smart and understands things quickly. 



(Pink Collar)
Born 11/26/2023 @ 9:16pm
Birth Weight: 257g

Current Weight: 10.5 lbs (10 weeks old)

This girl is the smallest of the pack. She has the prettiest- girliest face. She was calm during testing, loved to play with toys, and even returned with the toy in her mouth. She has a higher prey drive, but fantastic eye contact with a high motivation level. She is probably the most confident out of the pack and loves to go outside and pounce on every other pup. 



(Yellow Collar)
Born 11/26/2023 @ 11:10pm
Birth Weight: 264g

Current Weight: 10.lbs

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