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Miller Creek Standard Poodle Application

Thank you for your interest in one of Miller Creek Standard Poodle puppies. Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment. We screen all our potential new puppy owners and require the application to be completed. We want our standard puppies to become a member of your family and this is a great way to get to know you, your family,  and what type of puppy you are looking for.  

Puppy Preference
About Puppy's New Family
What do you plan on doing with your new puppy?
Please tell us about where your puppy will be living. We know things change and people move over time but tell us about your current living situation. 
Ownership Commitment
Do you understand that we require a deposit to hold your puppy? Without deposit we can not guarantee the puppy you are wanting will still be available.
Terms and Agreements

Completing this application is a step in the process of acquiring a puppy from Miller Creek Standard Poodles, but it does not guarantee you will get a puppy from this or any future litter. While it's unlikely, the breeder reserves the right to refuse any placement at any time.  APPROVAL AND PAYMENT: We will review applications within 2 business days of receipt. Applications are processed in the order they are received. If your application seems like you may be a good fit, we will notify you and set up a meeting to discuss further. We breed on a scheduled cycle, so we will only accept payments when puppies have been confirmed via ultrasound or are available. During pregnancy, approved homes will have the option to place a deposit to hold your spot on our list. YOUR PICK OF PUPPY:  We will work on the placement of the puppy as applications/deposits are received. We strive to place each puppy based on their traits and personality to match their potential homes. We work with new owners to try and match our puppies around 7 weeks of age after temperament testing is performed. We do NOT place puppies off of coat color. If we can not suit your or our puppy's needs with placement, you will be automatically placed on our waitlist for our next litter.   GOING HOME: Puppies can go home at 8 weeks of age. We will set up a "Go Home" date shortly after birth.  If you have a big vacation planned or have events that would conflict with a young puppy, please know puppies cannot be boarded in a kennel until they have received their full immunizations and their rabies vaccination which cannot be done until 3 months of age.  CONTRACT: We do have a contract and will not place a puppy without a signed contract. We believe it's the professional thing to do to memorialize our obligations to each other on paper so there are no questions later, and for that reason, it's a bit lengthy. If you have questions about specific terms, you need to contact us prior to picking up your puppy.  SPAY/NEUTER: We require spay/neuter on all of our pet homes. We have a take-back provision in our contract. Any puppy from our home always has a home here, and will never experience the fear and burden of life at a shelter.  REGISTRATION PAPERS: Our excellent family companions come with limited registration papers to the AKC. We have already done the hard work for you and paid for your new puppy's registration with the AKC.  At the time of pick up OR at a later date, once you have chosen your new puppy's name we can add it to his/her registration for you. 

Thanks for submitting!

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